A research into the world of animals and their skins, looking for important details. Elements which are just a small part out of a big surface, but still determining the function and appearance of the skin. By editing and processing the qualities that are found in com- bination with materials and techniques, new materials will appear. Materials with qualities that we already know, but never applied in this way.

A sequin, a loose element coming out of a bigger part. Sequins designed in a new way, in di erent colors, shapes and sizes. By designing new systems in which the sequins can be applied, new surfaces will appear. By touching and moving the material, it can change in transparency, colour and exibility.

A small object that will not impress at rst sight, but by multiplying it will make a surface. A surface with a certain ambiance, which will make an impression. By means of not determining the function of the surface upfront, the viewers will be free to decide that for them- selves. By touching the material, and moving the elements, we can get a certain connection with a material.